Dear Cheryl - My Husband and I would like to thank you for the beautiful puppy that we purchased at Christmas Time. Kasey has brought us much joy. She is always into something - exploring every thing. She is such a "Snuggle-Bug" I can't go anywhere without her right there with me. She gets along with our other dogs as if they have been together. She has been easy to train, we took her to puppy training classes. She can sit, lay down, stay , roll over and heels. She has made our lives more interesting. I thought it would be nice to send you a picture of her now that she is a little older, I absolutely lover her coloring and disposition.

~ Sincerely, Jennifer and Benny
Cheryl - We want to thank you again for providing us with the beautiful puppy, Scampers, in April. She brings great joy to all of us. We hope that all is going well for you and your daughter.

~ Teresa and Ray
Dear Cheryl - Thank You so much for letting Andy come home with us. Andy is fine. All 3 dogs are getting along well. His appetite is good. Were mixing Pedigree and Purina Puppy chow, he comes and goes through the kennel door. He hasn't pooped or peed in the house. He's a quite intelligent pup. Thanks again - we will send photos soon.

~ Nancy Doebler
Hello Cheryl - We purchased Ashless from you in December. We just want to thank you for a such a wonderful puppy. She is now 52 pounds and we don't think she'll get much bigger (which is perfect for me) Thanks Again!

~ Sande & Harry
Hello Cheryl Hopefully you'll remember our name or else this card won't make sense. We bought a Golden Retriever Puppy from you n April. He was a Male born on February 14, I've been meaning to write and send a picture of him for a while. His name is Cory. We Love him and he is so special to us. Cory is doing very well. From day one heare and still now hes the best dog anyone could ask for. You did a great job bringing him into the world. We are so grateful that we found you and him.Thanks so much! I've enclosed a picture of him & our kids. They just love him so much ans we all do!!

~ Carol, Victor, Nicholas & Jennifer
Dear Cheryl - On behalf of myself, my daughter - Kayla and the Middle Creek Search and Rescue Team, we would like to thank you for Shelby. this is my 3rd dog training for search and rescue and she has picked up quicker than the other 2. She is very intelligent and very outgoing. She has the drive it takes to be a good search and rescue dog. As a family member she is very lovable and loyal.

~ Yours truly, ElizabethK-9( Unit) Middle Creek Search & Rescue
Hi Cheryl - We would like to thank you for the most sweetest Cavalier Pups ever! Jack & Jill are doing so good and are the love of our family. Thank You for allowing them to come home with us. XXOOXXXOO From Jack & Jill

~ Sue & Bob