Introducing New Food

If you are staying with the food I have given you or switching to a different age group or other variation of the same brand you should have no adjustment problem. If you decide to switch to another brand go very slowly or your puppy or grown dog may get an upset stomach and diarrhea. This is obviously not pleasant for you or the puppy.

When you bring your new puppy home feed him his regular food, no changes, easy on treats, for at least a week. Then, over a 10 day period slowly add new food , first transition day 1/10 new food, 9/10 regular food, second day 2/10 new food, 8/10 regular food and so on. If you notice any digestion upset stop increasing new food and stay where you are for a few days until the stool normalizes then proceed up to 100% of the new brand food. Any questions please call me, it is never too much trouble for me to help you keep my puppies happy and feeling good, which in turn will make you happy!