All puppies are given Metronidazole for seven to eight days, his is an all purpose lower intestine medication that will help prevent stress diarrhea.

All puppies are given Drontal plus pills with directions (on the envelope) on how to administer. Do not let your vet sell you something else for worms. To my knowledge, this is the best and most expensive of all wormers. If there is something more comprehensive from your vet, please call us at 610.857.0165. We will then start using the better product. To administer pills, hid the pill in liverwurst, which is cheap, it works well and the puppies are familiar with the taste.

Unless there is an unusual circumstance, the puppy should not receive any immunizations for the first 10 days after arriving at their new home---no extra stress, if possible.


Puppies eat three times a day until they obviously don't want the third feeding. I think it is best for them to eat two times a day, even if one meal is just a small snack. Feed puppies Royal Canine Small Breed Food from the time they come home until they are 10 months old---after that, feed them Royal Canine Small Breed Food adult food for life. The puppies and adults all love Fresh Pet Homestyle Select refrigerated food---we will send home some of each type of food---dry and wet---and we suggest that you stay with these food for the first year, or follow these instructions for changing food.


Your young puppy needs good, deep sleep at night, but also three one hour or more naps each day (preferably away from restless children). Please explain to your children that this is VERY important for a healthy puppy to grow up healthy just like them.


Cavalier puppies have no dominance issues; therefore, I am All FOR puppies sleeping with their new family. The more time they spend close to you, the better pet they will become. Remember that dogs are like people, they love to be loved, cuddled, and embraced.

Potty Training Using Bells

Using some bells hanging from the door knob where the puppies will be let outside. In a few days puppies will get used to ringing the bells when they want to be let out. Dozens of our customers have tried this method and been successful.